Honouring you Mr Peltier
and all my brothers and sisters, family over times
all over the world who have suffered unjustly.
My offering is my pain, in the name of kinship, We are One.
The well known Sundance - only for indigenous people,
I transform into my Icedance for you Mr Peltier,
in solidarity, compassion, Joy and with Hope.

You are not alone.

(The ice is between 5 - 10 cm thick, temperature outside
10 Centigrade,14 Fahrenheit, North wind brisk, the water about
between 0 and 2 degrees Centigrade, 35.6 Fahrenheit.

My Icedance,

My offering - deep down, over my shoulders for 32 minutes
in the dark, black ice cold water.
With my deepest respect and much fondness, much love,
from Sandra Kinley Sweden, Scandinavia.